Southern Mapping Company is an authorized reseller of SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometers, spectroradiometers and spectrophotometers. These are state-of-the-art, UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR, full-range instruments that can be used to measure electromagnetic energy and spectral radiance and irradiance, as well as capture and evaluate color. Southern Mapping uses these instruments to provide users with qualitative analysis results, usually in the form of wavelength data.

Spectrometers, spectroradiometers and spectrophotometers can be both laboratory or handheld, portable instruments. They can be used for a wide range of qualitative applications, ranging from agriculture (vegetation, crops and soil) and atmospheric/climate studies (water, snow and ice) to consumer-related applications (pharmaceuticals and food identification), geology and mining exploration.

The instruments can be equipped with various accessories to provide users with systems suited specifically for their needs. Available accessories include field-use backpacks, leaf clips, contact probes, field-of-view lenses, reflectance panels and much more.

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