To our valued clients,

The South African government, in conjunction with the National Coronavirus Command Council, recently enforced a nationwide lockdown from midnight, Thursday 26 March, until midnight, Thursday 16 April. This lockdown was subsequently extended to 30 April.

While this measure will have a considerable impact on livelihoods, society and the economy, the human cost of not implementing this action would be far, far greater.

As you can imagine, the lockdown has an immense impact on our operations, and specifically, on upcoming planned work with clients.

In response to the situation, we have centered our thinking around keeping our employees safe and our clients served. To achieve this goal, we have:

  • Followed directives from our government and updated clients on changes in protocol.
  • Applied and received approved essential status during the lockdown to maintain service for local clients.
  • Significantly ramped up IT infrastructure to enable secure, home-based work arrangements for our processors and office staff.
  • Designed alternative solutions for international lidar collection projects.

Our sales team is available to discuss these alternative product offerings to help keep you functioning during the lockdown, and we would love to discuss your future lidar needs in preparation for a return to regular business.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Norman Banks
Managing Director