Company Information

Southern Mapping uses a variety of technologies to deliver geospatial information to a range of industries and market sectors. Our staff offers services to support civil engineering and infrastructure development, mineral exploration and mine management, environmental planning and rehabilitation, pipelines, railway lines and all forms of infrastructure, whether new or existing. 

Our sister company, Southern Mapping Geospatial, was founded in September 2010. This company holds a Level 2 BBEEE Certificate and uses a variety of technologies to deliver geospatial information to public and private clients throughout South Africa. We also integrate this geospatial information into GIS frameworks tailored to customer requirements. 

Over 150 combined years of industry experience

Southern Mapping was formed on 1 December 2006 as the first independently owned lidar company based on the African continent.

Our philosophy is to provide our clients with rapid delivery of the highest-quality mapping.

The leading geospatial service provider in Africa, Southern Mapping offers a wide variety of solutions and is respected within the industry for producing guaranteed, high-quality products on time.

We maintain a fleet of three aircraft with permanently mounted sensors capturing lidar, hyperspectral and thermal imagery. We use our own aircraft maintenance organisation to ensure fast maintenance turnaround times for our clients.

In addition, we supply imagery and products derived from the full spectrum of satellite sensors. The accuracy of our surveys varies according to client requirements, with specifications ranging from 20cm contours to 2cm contours. Similarly, image resolutions range from 100m to 30cm.