Southern Mapping is able to provide RPAS Surveys for various applications such as Topographic Surveys / Stock Pile Measurements / GIS Applications (Imagery) and Monthly Site Updates etc.  We will gladly advise on and offer our clients the type of survey technology that is best suited to their project.

This could include satellite, airborne drone or ground based technologies, depending on the project size, accuracy requirements, time constraints and deliverables.

The advantages of choosing Southern Mapping as a Partner in Drone Survey are:

·         We are an Aerial Survey Company providing Geospatial information,

·         We can evaluate whether a Drone is the appropriate technology for your project,

·         We understand Air Trajectories,

·         We will ensure that adequate ground control is placed,

·         We know how to work and edit large point cloud data sets,

·         We are a One Stop Shop with a full range of complementary technologies and products,

·         We have PLATO and SAGI registered Photogrammetrist and Surveyors on staff.

Our technical sales personnel are available to advise you on your choices and options when it comes to potential Drone Surveys.